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Rihanna Releases Second ‘Black Panther’ Song, ‘Born Again’


After having her fans wait years for new music, Rihanna is back with new music from the Wakanda Forever soundtrack. First, she blessed fans with “Lift Me Up” and now “Born Again” has been released.

On “Born Again,” she sings:

I’d give my heart to this place
I’d give my soul or whatever it takes, never run away
I’ve got enough angels to storm the gates, I’m not afraid
And behold the brave, not have it no other away
I miss the emergence and these moments of you
The mere reflection of me, that mirror can’t change its view

Rihanna made it clear that even though new music is coming and she is performing at the Super Bowl halftime show, don’t expect an album.

“That’s not true,” she said about a new project. “Super Bowl is one thing. New music is another thing. Do you hear that, fans?”

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky welcomed their first child earlier this year and she has been enjoying every moment of motherhood. She recently opened up about how being a mom to a newborn has been.

“Life starts over when you become a parent. It’s life that you’ve never known before,” she told Access Hollywood. “The beginning is like you’re tripping acid every day. It’s wild, trippy as hell. You look at him and he’s yours, but he’s a stranger and you’re learning him as he’s learning you and learning the world. When he looks at me in my eyes, my whole soul … I can’t tell if it’s cold or hot.”

She already knew that once fans found out that she was performing again that they would talk about her releasing a new album.


“The second that I announced this, I said, ‘Oh, my God, they’re going to think my album is coming.’ I need to get to work,” she said.


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