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‘I’m 27 Years Old And My Daughter Is 20 – We Are Best Friends And I Wouldn’t Trade It For The World’


When Sav Martin was 23, she worked at a hair salon. There, she fell in love with her boss, Chris, who was 40 at the time. But after four months of dating, she became pregnant and the couple decided to become a blended family.

At that point, Chris was already a father to three kids, the oldest of which Sav was only seven years older than. Today, Sav and Chris are engaged and had two children together, and they are one big happy family. But it took work to get there.

Becoming a Blended Family

Today, Sav is 27 years old, Chris is 44, and their kids are Tizziana, 20, Tayge, 17, Trinity, 13, Tripp, 21 months, and Traxx, 5 months. When Sav and Chris first got together, Tizziana struggled the most with accepting this new girlfriend — especially one only seven years older than her.

However, three years later, Sav declares, “Now we’re best friends and she is like my right-hand man.” Additionally, the couple isn’t bothered by their age gap of 16 years. Besides, the gap closes when considering Chris’s youthfulness at heart

I act like I’m 30. I’m not an old man, I’ve got a ton of energy. I’m glad I had some kid’s young so they can experience this part of my life with me.”

When it came to meeting Sav’s family, Chris was particularly nervous about introducing himself to her father. “Like meeting her father, I’m a father but I felt super-welcome, everything was cool,” he said.

Sav Martin

I wouldn’t trade it for the world”

Sav and Chris started a YouTube channel where they spoke about their relationship. Plus, Sav shares videos on TikTok, where she is open about her family life. Many of them include Tizziana, and one, in particular, explained how they became best friends.

The caption on the video says, “I met her and she was 17 and I was 23. Little did I know, I’d become her stepmom and she would be my BFF. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


When asked if the couple will have more children, Chris expressed uncertainty because of his age. Sav comments that he often says to the asker, “Do you know how old I am?” In context, Chris explains, “I’m at the age already that I’m gonna be 60 when little Tripp graduates.

Many people left comments on these videos but the most heart-warming ones were stepparents hoping for their own close relationship with their step kids.

As one person wrote, “I hope my future stepdaughter and I will be that close but she is in the ‘You’re taking my dad from me’ stage right now.” 

Others have commented, “You guys are seriously the cutest! I’m obsessed with the whole family!” As well as, “You have a beautiful family!” And “You would pass for sisters.


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