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Woman HACKS OFF boyfriend’s p£nis after he threatened to release their s€x tape


A woman allegedly cut off her boyfriend’s p£nis after he threatened to spread their s€x tapes because she refused to sleep with him.

The unnamed woman, 28, is said to have attacked her partner, also 28, when they were at a hotel in Sibolga, North Sumatra, in Indonesia on February 25.

The sullen-looking woman has been pictured in local media being detained by police with cable ties. She has not yet been charged, according to reports.

The wild incident started when, police said, the randy bloke made advances on the young woman but she “was not in the mood”.

Witnesses said the pair, who had been together for more than half a year, were not heard arguing. However, they heard the howls of pain from he man after his manhood was severed.


He was rushed to the hospital with bl@@d loss and is currently in intensive care.

Sibolga Police Chief Taryono Rajarja said: “Based on the suspect’s statement, they had been in a relationship for around seven months. So, they made an appointment to meet at a hotel, then the man asked to have s€x, after which the woman refused.


“When he was denied s€x, the man threatened to spread the videos of their intimate activities. Then, when he was ready to take a shower, the suspect carried out the attack. She took a knife belonging to the man and cut off his p€nis.”

Evi Wahyuni Siregar, a receptionist at the hotel, said he did not hear any noise from the couple’s room until the incident happened.

He claimed the woman had approached him after the attack, requesting medical assistance for her partner, who was bl££ding profusely at the scene. His manhood had reportedly been cut off.

The hotel worker said: “The woman admitted that they had checked in together and they were from Padang Sidempuan city, about to leave for Nias Island.”


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