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First images of Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn in ‘Joker: Folie a Deux’ leaked


One of of the most awaited movies in the DC world is gradually revealing clues about the final production and the appearance of its main characters.

This time, social media has been complicit in a preview of how Harley Quinn, played by Lady Gaga, will look like in the movie ‘Joker: Folie a Deux’.

The feature film, starring the singer and Joaquin Phoenix, is currently being shot on the streets of New York and the anticipation is sky high to see how a world-class artist like Lady Gaga will perform in this new adventure.

These images have been leaked and have spread like wildfire on social networks. In the two pictures, you can appreciate Lady Gaga‘s look, characterized as Harley Quinn.

Lady Gaga

The artistic line follows the same line as Joaquin Phoenix‘s Joker, that is, a more relaxed touch in terms of the comic but without losing the essence of the character: the white, black and red are still maintained. On the other hand, the eye makeup has been softened a bit, but it is perfectly recognizable.

Gaga’s costume by Oscar-nominated Arianne Phillips cuts between the heightened sensibility of the comic book source material and the gnarly aesthetic of the first “Joker” film.

While it has yet to be officially confirmed that Gaga is playing Harley Quinn, the scarlet jacket and diamond-print blouse certainly would suggest that, not to mention the romantic messaging among the protesters and the clown makeup on Gaga’s face.


According to rumours that have formed on social media, the photographs would belong to a scene where Harley Quinn is escorted to the Gotham Superior Court. At the entrance to the building there would be people protesting in favor of the Joker with different banners like ‘Free Joker’ or ‘Joker, marry me. XOXO’.

Warner Bros. will release “Joker: Folie à Deux” in theaters Oct. 9, 2024.


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