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WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY: Hilda Baci said it took her two years to go from 110kg to 80kg


An old video of Hilda Baci, popular Nigerian cook, speaking about her weight loss struggle is inspiring people.

Hilda, who has broken the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking time, admitted that she used to weigh (110kg) which was more than she desired.

She confessed in a throwback video that she used to weigh 110kg and had to lose roughly 30kg to obtain her desired shape.

Hilda Baci also blamed herself for the necessity to go through a difficult weight loss process due to her bad eating habits.

Weight Loss

“Some of you that just followed me don’t know this but used to be me at a point, I was weighing 110 kg and this is me today at 81 kg. It took me two years to get here; losing weight and getting my desired body wasn’t easy. It took a lot of steps, and now that I have lost weight I have to maintain it so I don’t go back to where I was coming from,” she said.

Reacting to the post…

Lisas_ghram wrote: “The fact that she doesn’t deny she had surgery done … like many celebrities Omo ????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”


Thevanesaonly said: “See my queen the strongest woman in Nigeria right now God will help you win this!! Thanks Nigeria for all the support ❤️❤️ Go Hilda!!!”

Kidaris_ noted: “Na person wey dem talk sey she do bbl be dis oo people ehh”

Fasaweayodele2005 wrote: “Shine on my lady, we online supporters are still awake❤️”



On Monday morning, Baci smashed the 87 hours 45 minutes record set by now-former Guinness World Record holder, Indian chef, Lata Tondon in Rewa, India in 2019.



Hilda launched into the competition on Thursday at exactly 4pm when she put on her cooker.



She carries on despite having broken the record as she aims to cook for 96 hours, setting a new world record as the first human on earth to spend such an amount of time cooking.


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