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Bride is devastated after TWO guests turn up to her big day wearing white, with one wearing a wedding gown


A bride was left looking teary on her special day when she noticed not one but two guests wearing white at her wedding celebrations.

It’s generally understood to be a big no-no to wear white to someone else’s nuptials, but for two women at the Bolivian bride’s reception wedding etiquette went out the window.

Captured on camera by fellow guest Isabella Santos Giha, the double fashion faux pas caused a stir on TikTok where it received over 20,000 comments – the vast majority of which were pretty scathing.

The video, which quickly went viral with more than 16 million views in one day, shows one of the women in question wearing a long white lacy dress whilst the other is pictured seated in what Isabella describes as ‘a legit wedding dress’.

And, white with appliqué flowers and a tulle skirt, it would be hard to make the case that it wasn’t a dress destined for someone’s own big day.


In a post beneath the video, Isabella appealed to viewers: ‘Please never wear WHITE at someone’s wedding. It is sad and disrespect.’

Her message resonates particularly in the final frame where the bride is wearing her beautiful bejewelled gown but nevertheless looks tearful.


Posting comments such as ‘I wouldn’t be sad because I know damn well my guests would be throwing all the shade so I don’t have to, and I’d look graceful for being unbothered’, TikTok users rallied behind the bride.

Others took the opportunity to share their own stories of wedding guests gone rogue and feuding families, with one commenting: ‘I didn’t know this was a thing until my mother-in-law tried to wear a white lace gown.

‘I told her no when I saw it accidentally before the day… but then my aunt and cousin both wore white gowns anyways.’

One of the top comments, however, which received over 40,000 likes on the platform, encouraged action. It stated simply: ‘Red wine’.

Many more agreed that some sort of revenge was required, with one writing ‘Oops I spilled my drink on you’ and another saying she’d kick out the guests who had dared to wear white.


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