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Mom finds out she’s pregnant, then days later, gets pregnant again with twins


A mom found out that she was pregnant and then a few weeks into the pregnancy she discovered that there were two new babies ready to be welcomed.

The woman was in for the surprise of her life when her original scan showed that she was only having one child, and then a follow-up revealed that her family was about to grow by three.

As reported by People, Deonna “Dee” Fletcher and her husband, Antonio “T” Livingston, had been eagerly anticipating their first pregnancy.

Dee recalls her initial pregnancy discovery, saying: “I took a test and it was positive, went to the ultrasound, and there was one baby, one sac.” However, what they initially believed to be a single pregnancy soon took a surprising twist.

Dee further recalled: “My ultrasound, it was a vaginal ultrasound since I was pretty early. So it wasn’t like the other two were missed. It was really just one baby in there, in one sac.”

Approximately a week or two later, Dee faced a concerning episode of pain while at work, fearing a miscarriage. In response, she hurried to the emergency room for another ultrasound. To her astonishment, it was then that the medical team made a life-changing discovery – there were not one but two more babies on the way.

Dee had experienced a rare phenomenon known as superfetation, conceiving two embryos six days apart. Dee explained: “Basically, I ovulated twice, but at two different times,” a revelation delivered by medical professionals who also informed her that this unique occurrence could happen again in the future.

Unusually, Dee experienced multiple menstrual cycles per month. She mentioned: “I naturally get my period two to three times a month. And after I found out I was pregnant, I did get another period. I didn’t know I was going to get pregnant again, but I did get pregnant again.”


This unexpected news initially left the couple in shock. Dee reflects on her husband’s reaction, as she said: “Of course, the first baby, he was happy, but [when] he found out it was two [more] babies, he was just really shocked. And he just couldn’t believe it. It was just so much to take in at the time.”

Dee made it to 32 weeks before eventually undergoing a cesarean section to welcome her three daughters; Amani, Amber, and Dream, born on January 18, 2021. The couple also now have an 11-month-old son, Antonio Junior known as “A.J.”


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