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“He used to tell me that the only good thing about me is my virginity” Israel’s wife Sheila courage reveals


Sheila Courage has continued to spill more details online about her failed marriage with Israel DMW and what transpired in their union.

She took to her Instagram page to share some more details on what led to her leaving the marriage, which lasted barely a year.

This time around, she revealed that while she was locked down to spill details on the things that happened, but that she was willing to reveal more details.

Sheila said that she had seen the signs before the wedding, before she got married to him, because he was in a rush to get married to her, and he even came up with a lot of excuses and threats.

She also goes on to reveal that most of what he did during and after the wedding was without her consent, that even down to the invitation card, she did not get a say. She goes on to reveal that at some point, she goes to find out about stuff after they were being paid for, and that she even had to ask him if he was getting married to the event planner, or if he was getting married to her.

Also, she said that during the wedding, there was a very huge turn up, that the wedding turned out to be an elaborate one, which was what he wanted, but it was not what she wanted, but he revealed that he was a public figure after all, so that the wedding had to be big, since there were already so many eyes on it.

Then she revealed that once the wedding had happened and the wedding day passed, he started showing up as his real self in full, that when he would be travelling, he would ask her not to put on the generator, and not to go out.



She stated that he was treating her like a child and like a prisoner, that he also used the wedding to gather money for himself. He was able to gather a lot of money from people, but that when it came to the nitty gritty and details of how they would spend the money that they got from the wedding, that he did not carry her along, that till today, she does not know how they spent all the money that they got from their wedding, even though it was attended by a lot of big names.

Sheila revealed that they started having issues in November, after they got married in October, so it was barely a month after they got married that they started having issues.

She revealed that she would tell him that she was going to the salon. And when she got there, he would text her and tell her not to come back. The first time this happened, she thought it was a joke, and so she hurriedly went back home, because she was already living in fear. But when she arrived, he had told her not to enter the gate, he had instructed his gate man not to let her in.

Now, to support her claim, Sheila went on to share the WhatsApp details of that conversation, which proved that she had indeed been locked outside the gate. She revealed that there had to be a lot of begging from his father before he finally let her in, even after he insulted his dad.

She also narrated that even though her younger sister had come at some point to stay with her, Israel told her younger sister to leave, and that he had tried to alienate her from her from her friends and her sisters.

Sheila also revealed that one time she wanted to attend a wedding of a very close person, and she was so excited to attend the wedding. However, he told her not to go, he instructed her not to go, and she unfortunately had to stay back home and not go, even though it was extremely painful for her.

He then went on to tell her that the only good thing about her is the fact that she was a virgin, that she would never amount to anything and that over his dead body will he start a business for her.


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