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“If you don’t have money stay at home” – Lady bashes men who calculate expenses on a date


A poor Nigerian lady has expressed how embarrassing it is to go on a date with men who calculate their expenses based on their pockets.

A social media user identified as @Simplegbemi took to the microblogging platform, X to air her opinion about men who are not lavish spenders.

According to the lady, these kinds of men come off as embarrassing to her if they can’t spend without having to think and calculate based on their pockets.

“I hate being on a table with a guy that calculates everything. If you don’t have money stay at home’s fvcking embarrassing ????????????‍♀️,” she wrote.

The post, however, generated different reactions from social media users. While some people agreed with her, others simply bashed her for being entitled.


See some reactions below …

Irunnia_ said: “He will take you to a date
He will do all the talking
He will do all the paying
He still isn’t allowed to calculate what you guys ate.
Nigerian men are trying. It’s not easy.”


abazwhyllzz added: “He shouldn’t calculate the bill? If his budget for the date is like 10k and you end up eating above his pocket, if he asked you to pay the balance, do you have money to complete it?”

bigtimiszn noted: “What’s amusing is how you managed to make it to 2024 with this kind of brain. Like, how on earth did you enter 2024? I thought God censored people.????????????.”

TokyosBite stated: “On Saturday, my friends and I were out. Me and one had two bottles of a drink that cost 1200 each. We had two bottles each of the drinks we picked… tell me why 1200x 2 became 3000?
We almost paid 6000 for a 4800 drink.
Now you see why everyone should calculate everything, honey?”


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