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Woman who sl£pt with 22 men in 10 days to get over her ex slams double standards after backlash


Taila Maddison, who goes by the handle @xtaix58 on TikTok – shared a video on the social media platform about how she bedded several men in Europe after experiencing a recent breakup.

Speaking to the camera, the Australian woman said: “I left my boyfriend and I’ve been traveling for 10 days, and I slept with 22 people in that 10 days. My goal was 20, and I just hit 22 this morning.

“It’s 1PM now here in Paris (France) and I need to check out because I’m going home,” she continued, adding that she “doubts” that she’s going to sleep with another individual “on the plane or layover” so she’ll finish with 22. She then asked her followers: “How did I go?”

According to Australian outlet, Talia is a s£x worker from Newcastle who garnered many followers after using her platforms to share her life as an adult content creator.

Her candid video went viral after it was shared by another influencer on Instagram called Freddiemc, who has almost 500K followers on the social media platform.

Freddie, who dishes contentious advice to men about how to treat women, shared his opinions on Talia’s video, contending that her antics made her a “disgrace to her whole bloodline”.

The post amassed 169K likes and was inundated with many offensive comments from people blasting the content creator.



One user criticized her by saying: “I hope the ex sees this [I know] it’ll help him get over her,” while another person chimed in: “Her ex dodged a f***in bullet.”

A third remarked: “Imagine bragging about this like it’s an achievement,” and a fourth shared: “This is not cute! Listen I will not judge anyone who wants to sleep around, but Jesus, to go out of your way and broadcast this! w**’s wrong with people!”

However, many people pointed out the double standards as one person said: “Soooo…. while I don’t agree with her behavior. Don’t boys do this quite frequently? If you are a boy and you do this, then you have no room to judge her.”

“Her business – watch [your] step and move on,” a second user interjected, while one more added: “Yet it’s okay for straight lads to sleep with 22 girls in 10 days (which can be done in a typical ‘lads holiday’ in [Magaluf]) but when a woman does it and it’s disgraceful. Double standard society.”

Furthermore, Talia told the outlet that she has developed a thick skin, mostly due to the criticism she receives from publicizing the nature of her work.

“S£x is just a part of life. I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed about. My loved ones know me and know what kind of person I am in real life, my online content is just there to build my business,” she explained.

She also disclosed that her ex-boyfriend was aware of her holiday adventure following their break-up and was okay with it. “He h@tes to see the negative comments and the way people treat me. But at the end of the day, he knows me in real life and we can completely detach from the drama,” she added.

Regardless, Talia shared that she will continue to do whatever she wants “whether you like it or not”.


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