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“I hid my family’s wealth from my fiance’s family, they insisted I sign a prenup because they thought my family wasn’t rich”


A young lady said her fiance’s family insisted she sign a prenup because she hid her family’s wealth from them and by living a simple lifestyle.


Read her post below:


“My fiance (28m) is a doctor, and I 28f work in finance, both earn almost equal pay. We have been together for a year and a half, got engaged a month ago and are planning to have a wedding in 7 months.


His family is full of doctors, while my dad owns a business, mom is a STAH wife, and brother along with his wife are highschool teachers. My parents still live in a small town house my grandfather bought since the two of them grew up there, fell in love, had us, plus all their friends live there, basically emotional attachment. I never try to hide my wealth, just that I don’t show off ?. For example, I prefer travelling by public transport, because traffic and parking, while he drives a range rover.



I have a samsung, he makes fun of me for not owning an iphone. I prefer not spending thousands of dollar on a dress I am only going to wear once, I also enjoy eating fastfood rather than going to a Michelin star restaurant.


I admit I never really told them how much my dad earns as I just felt it was unnecessary. Anyways, I think him and his family assumed my family doesn’t have much money or something.


After getting engaged, we went to his parents house for dinner where they asked me what I plan to do in future, I replied that I am planning to quit my job after the wedding and work for my dad.



"I hid my family's wealth from my fiance's family, they insisted I sign a prenup because they thought my family wasn't rich"



They kind of got confused? mad? weird? saying why would I quit such a high paying job, and that if I am planning to push all financial burdens on their son, well they asked for a pre nuptial agreement, I agreed.


His parents demanded that if we want to have an expensive wedding we will be the one paying to which my dad agreed saying he was going to pay for everything even if they didn’t ask. As the wedding planning proceeded my fiance and his family realized we are spending way more than they can afford.


I guess that’s when it struck them that my dads business isn’t really as small as they expected it to be. They did a google search and found his company online and his net turnover every year which is on the website and so on.


Now his family is mad at me saying why did I hid the fact that I am this rich, I am pretty sure they want to cancel the prenup, I am not going to do that now since it was their idea.


Well, his mom is basically harassing me saying I misled their family and that I am an @sshole for trying to hide my wealth for so long. so am I?

Edit/info: My fiance has had a basic idea of my families wealth, he knows about my dads business. The in laws did not. He agreed to the prenup when his mom bought it first, we had a talk about it and came to conclusion it would be good for both. Yes, he agreed to it despite knowing my family is wealthier. He is not on his mother’s side, they arent really close, I guess that’s the reason he never told his family about my families finances. He did talk to her and has been defending me. It’s just the constant remarks from her makes me feel a little guilty, wondering if I did something wrong.

I just wished to have a good relationship with my in laws, but she is making it seem impossible. (PS-I know my dad’s wealth isn’t mine, that is the reason I don’t spend so much. As I said, I am planning to quit my job and take over his business, hence my mother in law sees his assets as mine.)


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