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IMAN Shumpert claims Teyana Taylor makes way more than him…wants child support change


Teyana Taylor is earning nearly double what Iman Shumpert makes every month … at least that’s what he’s telling the judge overseeing their divorce.

In new court documents, obtained by TMZ, Iman breaks down the estranged couple’s finances and he says there’s a big pay gap.

According to Iman’s accounting, Teyana’s gross monthly income before taxes is $93,885 … nearly double the $47,981 he says he brings home every month.

The alleged pay gap here is interesting … remember, when Teyana quietly filed for divorce she claimed Iman was insecure and jealous of her fame, despite earning way more in NBA money than she could ever dream of making in music.

IMAN Shumpert claims Teyana Taylor makes way more than him...wants child support change

Iman Shumpert earned over $48 million in NBA contracts during his career … but he hasn’t played pro ball since the 2021 season, when he played 2 games with the Brooklyn Nets.

Iman’s bringing up their earnings as they hammer out child support — they have 2 minor children, and he says he’s comfortably shelling out $8,000 a month for them.

In the docs, Iman also says he’ll pay health insurance for “major” medical expenses … but he wants to split the cost of the kids’ other health services.


Iman Shumpert and Teyana have been fighting over money during their divorce and she claims he left her holding the bag on $200K worth of home renovations he started 3 years ago, and alleges Iman’s withdrawn nearly $4 million from several shared accounts.


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