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Simon Guobadia Reportedly Sends ANOTHER Cease-And-Desist To ‘RHOA’ Producers


Simon Guobadia is not letting up when it comes to his ongoing divorce from ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Porsha Williams.

The 60-year-old has reportedly sent another cease-and-desist letter to producers of the show.

According to RadarOnline, Guobadia reportedly issued the notice in relation to his “2021 Rolls Royce Ghost vehicle.” The outlet does not note when Guobadia notified producers, a.k.a. True Entertainment, LLC. However, it asserts that the outlet obtained a copy of his order.

“You are notified that pursuant to Georgia law, you are ordered to CEASE & DESIST any and all photographing, video recording, taping, and filming of the Rolls Royce,” Guobadia’s cease-and-desist reportedly reads.

“Upon information and belief, True Entertainment, LLC may have been filming, recording, or photographing the Rolls Royce while it may have been in the use and/or possession of third parties other than Mr. Simon Guobadia. If such actions have occurred, I am requesting that no photographs or recordings be released, disclosed, or published as Mr. Guobadia does not consent to the same regarding his vehicle…”

According to photos included in a report published by Emily CottonTop, Guobadia apparently gifted Williams a grey Rolls Royce sometime during their romance. However, it remains unclear whether that vehicle is the exact one Guobadia references in his notice.

Nonetheless, RadarOnline adds that Guobadia reiterated that he “remains the sole legal owner of the vehicle” and is demanding “strict compliance” with his request. To bolster his claims, Guobadia reportedly provided “proof of purchase and ownership” and a “copy of the vehicle insurance card.”

“As such, please [note] that Mr. Guobadia does not consent to the release, disclosure, or publication of the Rolls Royce, nor does he consent to the taping, filming, photography, or recording of the Rolls Royce including any aspects of any activity in or about the Rolls Royce,” the letter reportedly adds.

The cease-and-desist reportedly notes that if Guobadia learns that his vehicle has been “film[ed], record[ed], or photograph[ed]” by production “while it may have been in the use and/or possession of third parties other than” himself, then, he requests “no photographs or recordings be released, disclosed, or published.”

Additionally, Guobadia reportedly noted that further legal action will be taken if the production company fails to comply.


Simon Guobadia Doubles Down On His Petty

Meanwhile, Guobadia appeared to have time tuh-day and seemingly doubled down on his alleged actions. On Thursday, June 13, he took to his Instagram feed to share a brief message:

“No More Africans… No More Rolls Royces… #buyyourown.”

A few hours later, Guobadia returned to the platform to post a separate message, seemingly addressing those calling him out for his pettiness.

“I’m in a big mood for being sassy and petty….big part of my personality; and I give credit to that trait for much of my success in life. Popular opinion does not get me paid…being relentless does,” he wrote in the caption of his post. “When you call me sassy and petty, I take it as a compliment. #mylifemyway”

Additionally, Simon Guobadia posed in front of a white Rolls Royce in a photo that accompanied the text.


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