HER BROKEN SOUL 5: Living in a loveless marriage

First wife continued to endure her loveless marriage hoping that one day husband man will come back to his senses. She didn’t stop praying for her husband to love her again.

She held on to hope because she was told in church that second wife was a strange woman who God will chase out from her matrimonial home. Her church mummy told her that God said the strange woman won’t succeed in destroying her home and that she must leave by fire by force.

Even with all the drama that second wife was acting because she was expecting a son for husband man, first wife continued to endure her taunts so that peace would reign. She overlooked the maltreatment and abuse she was suffering and treated second wife with kindness.

She even told her children to love her and respect her too. And they wondered why she would continue to endure such bad treatment. First wife was losing weight fast and her beauty was fading as well. She became a shadow of herself, but she continued to endure everything thrown at her because she was fighting for her marriage.

What some women endure in the marriages

But husband man didn’t think the same way. He wanted to punish first daughter for interfering while he was beating her mom and kept avoiding her fiancée until he caught him unawares one day. He made his intentions known to marry his daughter and pleaded with him to choose a date for the introduction between both families.

Husband man finally agreed for the introduction to take place. He fixed the date and the day came and went smoothly. But afterwards, first daughter noticed that her father didn’t accept her husband to be wholeheartedly. Father refused to accept the bottle of wine her fiancé brought to declare his intentions. He said he doesn’t want a man from another state to marry his first daughter.

Things were heated at home once again. Tears became the companion of first wife. She was heartbroken the way things were going but she stayed calm for her children. Second wife’s pregnancy was going well. She registered for ante natal at the family hospital. She didn’t see anything wrong with the way husband man was treating the mother of his children. She even subtly supported him to punish her some more.

But tough days were ahead for second wife. When it was time to deliver her baby, she got unpleasant news. Her baby was in breech position and she needed to be operated upon as soon as possible. Husband man panicked. He was confused. He didn’t know what to do. He refused to sign for the caesarean section to take place. He ran home and bared his soul to first wife.

He told her that he didn’t know what to do. He said he wasn’t going back to the hospital because all the ten children first wife had for him including the twins were all vaginal births and he doesn’t understand why second wife should have a caesarean section. He asked why she couldn’t deliver safely like first wife.  He didn’t remember all she had to endure because of him and his new wife.

First wife persuaded him to do the needful quickly before it was too late for second wife and her unborn baby. He begged her to accompany him to the hospital so that she could pray for her to survive the operation. First wife dashed out of the house with him to the hospital. She prayed and waited there until second wife delivered a healthy baby boy.

After the successful surgery, first wife took it upon herself to care for second wife and for her baby until her elder sister arrived from the village after three weeks because her mother was dead. She would bathe second wife and her baby and cook for her too. She advised her on what to eat and what not to eat.

But all her kindness was repaid with evil after second wife’s sister arrived to care for her sister. The weeks following would bring more tears for first wife who thought peace was finally returning to her home. How much more can a woman endure just to keep her home?

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5 Responses

  1. Helen Udunze says:

    Judgement await each and everyone, one way or the other.

  2. Nonnie says:

    It is very easy for humans to forget good deeds, too easy for wicked ones to reward good with evil.

  3. Jijah says:

    I eagerly await part 6. My heart hurts. No one should have to go through this torture.

  4. Amaka Ejimonye says:

    Whatever one sows is what one reaps.
    but why does the first wife have to endure this much pains? 😔

  5. Tolulope says:

    The things women suffer. This breaks my heart.

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