Man reveals difference between wives and girlfriends

It is no longer news that married men have girlfriends or side chicks like they are called these days.

Many homes have been destroyed by the actions of men who can’t stay faithful to their wives. Their actions cause fights, arguments and loss of trust.

Many men are keeping  girlfriends and gambling with their marriages even when they know that these ladies can’t stick with them through good and bad times like their wives do.

One man explained that even though men keep girlfriends after marriage, they clearly know the difference between their wives and their girlfriends.

Difference between wives and girlfriends

According to Mr. Bruce Malogo, “Truth be told, behind a man’s exploits, behind his bravados, is the support of his wife. Any man will tell you this in a sincere, heart-to-heart talk. A man, if he must confess to you, is as strong as his wife’s support for him.

A man is as strong as his wife gives him support. Without knowing it, a man’s life, what he becomes is a result of his influence of his wife. What we see as little details of a man’s life are conditioned by her.

Many times, when a man wants to do something, intuitively, he thinks of how his wife would feel about it and if she would approve of his actions. These things are subtle, but they are there.

It is our wives who see our ugly posture as we lie sleeping carelessly at night, sometimes snoring, the other times farting and they love us regardless.

It is the wife that is there when the man has no kobo in his pocket and the family must feed. And somehow, the food is served. It is the wife that knows how to work such magic.

She is the one who will fix a decent entertainment for our friends when they come visiting at the time we are as broke as a student. She does that to cover our shame and embarrassment.

Yet, when our rent is overdue and the landlord comes knocking, it is our wives that we send to go and meet the man at the door. It is she who nurses us when we are ill and mothers us when we are old.

I always tell my wife, most seriously, that she must not rush to die before me.

To be sure, the other woman cannot do half of what a wife does for the man. She is not given to such unconditional generosity of mind. Her commitment to a man is the measure of the man’s material liberality to her.

The other woman operates with a simple principle: Money for hand, back for ground. That is where her commitment ends.”




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