Khloe Kardashian’s inspiring message for people struggling with their weight

Do you desire a transformation in your body but you are not making the desired progress? Fret no more.

There are many people who have struggled with their weight but are not in a better place, spirit, soul and body.

One of such people is pregnant Khloe Kardashian. She’s devoting her time to inspire people on their weight loss journey and healthy transformation.

She recently shared a collage of two pictures showing her when she was fat and after she devoted herself to being healthy and fit.

She also shared an inspiring message with the transformation picture. Hear her:

“Sometimes it’s hard for me to post these transformation posts only because I can’t imagine my life being this unhealthy again.

Never would I ever consider myself fat, but I would consider myself unhealthy mentally/physically and not knowing my true value. Mind, body and soul.

For me, my transformation journey started from within. I needed to heal myself from the inside out. Once I started putting myself first, everything started falling into place.

My life transformed a few years ago when I made the decision to stop existing and start living. I decided when I was ready regardless of what anybody else was saying about me.

Get your own transformation

Regardless of the pressures, I had to do this on my terms or I knew it wouldn’t last. It’s ok to take the control back. Choose your life. Don’t let anybody else decide for you!

We are no victims to life but we can become victims and prisoners to the people that we choose to surround ourselves with if we allow them to break us and consume us.

Never be afraid to put yourself first. Never choose comfort over your own well-being. Never forget that fate loves the fearless.

Today’s wisdom was yesterday’s pain. Tomorrow’s happiness is today’s bravery. I am so proud of myself for being stronger than I’ve ever been-mind body and soul.

I am even prouder of myself that I’ve been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle for so many years.

I broke that cycle and I’m happier than I have ever been. You can do this. Start from within and nothing can stop you. Elevate yourself- mind body and soul.”

I love messages of transformation. It definitely resounds with many women. You have to decide to be healthy for you. Do it for you. Watch your weight for you. Your transformation will inspire other women to take action about their weight too.



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