‘Don’t idolize your pastor’, singer Simi advises Christians

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Simi, has taken out time to counsel Christians concerning their relationship with their pastors. Simi said “Pastors are not God and they should not assume the position of God in the lives of their members.”

She revealed that so many people have made very ‘stupid decisions’ in life because they are gullible and followed blindly what their pastors told them.

“Good pastors will help their congregants become better Christians, not control them,” the sensational singer said.

She wrote, “Guys, your pastor is not God. God has given you the power to communicate with Him directly. He is your Father! Don’t let any pastor bully you into submitting out of fear to a God of love. Your pastor ‘might be’ anointed — but so are you!

Singer Simi counsels people not to idolize pastors

“I have seen a lot of people make obviously stupid, life-changing decisions because, ‘pastor said’. Some of these people, very close to me. We can’t leave our lives and choices in the hands of ministers when God has empowered us as.

“The genuine ones are teachers and spiritual leaders. They can help us learn and even become better Christians, but you should never idolize your pastor. In God’s eyes, you are no less. Plus they are human beings and not infallible.”

Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye was born on April 19, 1988. She is professionally known and referred to as Simi. She is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. Simi started her career as a gospel singer, releasing her debut studio album in 2008 titled Ogaju.

she came into spotlight in 2014 after she released “Tiff”, a song which was nominated in two categories at The Headies 2015 and further brought her to mainstream recognition. Simi is currently signed to X3M Music under which she released her second studio album Simisola. 

Kudos to Simi for talking about this issue that many people shy away from because they don’t want to insult the sensibilities of religious people who worship their pastors instead of serving God.




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