Marriage doesn’t elevate the value of a woman

Nigerian singer, Simi recently revealed that she hates it when people respect women only because they are married.

According to her, every woman irrespective of her social standing or marital status deserves respect  because they are humans first.

Simply Simi wrote:

I hate it when people defend women with “how can you talk to a married woman like that? You can’t do that to her. Don’t you know she’s married?”

I know you mean well but you are implying that disrespecting single women is excusable. We got to change that.

Marriage does not elevate the value of a woman. Every woman regardless of status must be treated respectfully.

Every woman deserves respect

Some married women also need to erase this idea that they are more special. You are really not sis. Your special is in the good that you do and the value you add.”

I agree with Simi. It is sad the way some people treated single ladies in this society. They are treated like lepers because of their marital status.

You can imagine being friends with someone for years, loving them, supporting them, praying for them and being there for them only to be discarded when this person gets married.

Some married women dump their single friends after they get married because they believe that they are no longer on the same level with their single friends.

They claim their husbands banned them from associating with their single friends. That’s hogwash. They throw away years of friendship and companionship because of marital status. Too bad!

I was in a bus one day and a man stepped on the toes of a young woman and kept a straight face as if nothing happened.

When the young lady confronted him, instead of apologising, he looked at her ring finger first and told her that her sharp mouth is the reason she’s not married yet.

He told her that as a woman, she should learn to overlook some things and keep quiet for peace to reign. He even said that with her attitude, she will suffer beating from any man who will eventually marry her.

After I joined the lady in trashing him, he kept quiet for the rest of the journey. Silly people everywhere. People should respect women because they are first humans and not because of their social status.




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