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You can never win dating the wrong man


Ladies, you can never win dating the wrong man. If a man is not the right person for you, you will endure a tumultuous relationship.

Dear ladies, no matter what you do when you are with the wrong man, you will be wrong. Even when you try to do something to make him happy, he will turn it against you. It’s a no win situation for you.

If you try to communicate your fears and anger, he turns around and calls you a nag. When you stop communicating, he will complain that you never talk to him so he doesn’t know how you feel.

It is emotionally and psychologically draining to be with a man who is not on the same page with you. It’s like wasting valuable time running up and down doing nothing productive.

You can’t win dating the wrong man

Anything that goes wrong in your relationship is your fault. He won’t accept responsibility for his bad behaviour. He will even blame you for causing him  to misbehave. You are to blame for him treating you badly.

Ladies, let me be honest with you, if you want the best for yourself, stay away from such men. Thet bring nothing but heartaches and tears. They will drain you of your self worth and still blame you in the future.

I know someone who is dating a guy she can’t talk to. She’s 28 and whenever you see her, she complains about her boyfriend for hours.

At one time, he beat her up for disobeying him and attending her younger brother’s wedding in another state. He cut off her friends and told her to stop seeing them because they hate him and are fighting against their relationship.


When I asked her why she chose to remain with despite all the signs that the guy isn’t the right person for her, she told me that she wasn’t getting younger and can’t go back to the dating scene after dating her abusive boyfriend for four years.

Ladies, you can never win with the wrong man. Don’t forget this. You deserve better.




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