A wife can only cheat if she paid her bride price

A Nigerian banker, Alex Uchenna stated that a wife can only cheat if she paid her bride price and takes responsibility for her financial needs in the marriage.

According to him, his wife has no choice but to forgive him if he cheats on her but she has no right to cheat back unless she was the one who spent money on the marriage list and paid her bride price.

Alex Uchenna wrote:

If I marry you and cheat on you, you have no choice than to forgive me but if you cheat back, you will reach your father’s house.

A wife can cheat if she paid her bride price

Note, you can only cheat back when you are the one who paid your own bride price, get the items in the annoying long list, psy the bills for your tradition and white wedding, rent the house, buy your own car, pay the bills and buy food for the house.”

This man is a very funny creature. Men who talk like this end up with women who know how to pretend. These women will tell them what they want to hear and will be chopping external cucumber with reckless abandon.

This is the kind of man who discovers after 20 years that his four children were fathered by his friend, driver, gateman and neighbour. He’s a learner. By that time, it’s too late to do anything.

As a married man, you don’t demand fidelity from your wife if you are not faithful. You are on a long thing. If you want a faithful wife, be a faithful husband.

Nigerian men should know that they don’t have the monopoly of cheating. Some Nigerian women know how to cheat smoothly without getting caught. They are good players.

Cheating is not exclusive to men. Women cheat too. When I hear some men boast about cheating, I laugh. Women cheat too.


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