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Facebook on fire as Omotoyosi Ogunbanwo eviscerates Joy Isi Bewaji with sub post


Facebook is an interesting place. You will meet different kinds of people on Facebook. On that street called Facebook, you will find the good, the bad and the very ugly but you can also find great and inspiring friends on Facebook if you flow with the right crowd.

But right now, we are still recovering from the recent hot drama that is threatening to consume Facebook.

Below is the drama that took Facebook by storm recently. One Omotoyosi Ogunbanwo went ballistic on social commentator and media person Joy Isi Bewaji with a sub post.

Enjoy this fiery sub post which we didn’t see coming. Omotoyosi Ogunbanwo wrote:

“Hi, Joy Isi Bewaji, the self acclaimed queen of subs * sniggers*

And so I heard you threw a shade or sub or canopy at me because I listened to a radio programme anchored by someone I consider a friend?

Seriously? How Kindergarten can you get?

First things first, I have never tuned in to your programme.


Not once.

Not ever. You have nothing to say to me.

You are a social media noise maker.

Unfortunately, you have two young OAP ‘s working for you who I really admire.

And yes I listen to their programmes.

They are entertaining and educating.

And my tuning in is my way of supporting them.

Unlike you who would quarrel with your friends for not taking sides with you in your many petty social media fights, I am too dignified to stoop that low. I wouldn’t beef the work Mystique is doing no matter how tainted by your filthy self it is.

And yes I won a cake on Mystique Cynthia’s show.

Not yours.

Mystique Cynthia’s.

Now that we have cleared some misunderstandings, lets return to you and you gang of condescending pieces of shit.

You accuse me of looking for places to eat free rice and free cake?

I’m not understanding, Facebook bitch.

Joy ISI, stand in front of the mirror and price yourself. I have enough money to buy you and your family up to your fourth generation with some change .


Don’t thank me, beggy ass, synthetic fixing polytechnic graduate bottom feeder bitch. Give the glory to God.

Lol. Don’t look so shocked. No be only you sabi blow grammar.

You couldn’t even afford a plane ticket to Yankee to save your ugly face, you came up with a stupid disjointed story.

Your attitude couldn’t make up for your empty pocket?

You had to beg. Lol and you like calling people beggars. Pig calling dogs filthy.

I can afford your plane ticket without battling an eyelid and even pay your cheap hotel fees for you.

You are nothing. You are the dust on the ground I walk on.

We know you. We do. We just don’t want to give you too much relevance. You are an ugly twat hiding behind feminism to form outspoken. You are nothing but a backstabbing, boyfriend snatching, sad, sad, sad sack of thrown-away onions.

You are forming self made yeah? Let’s look into your history.

We know you left your hubby because he was couldn’t afford to give you the life you hoped to have: the life of a gold digger since you apparently came from nothing. *Aww.*

We know you back stabbed Betty Irabor.

We know you are fucking a married man and when he got tired of your shrivelled up cunt and tried to walk away, you were blackmailing him. *aww, loner much? *

We know the real story about Boston. We know how you went to play paddy paddy with your friend’s rich boyfriend behind her back.

Asking him to come pick you and show you around. We know the dude swerve you and informed his girlfriend. What a touching story, yansh no big reach so hustle no pay and in a fit of panic, you came online to attack your friend with the flimsiest of excuses. Clap clap, well played and folks thought you were strong and bold but we know you were a frightened cowering mouse.

We know you were so afraid of being exposed as a fraud you attacked first.

I should also add how your husband said he was lucky to have finally left the manage not marriage he was in with you. Joy, at the mention of your name, you leave sour and bitter taste in the mouth of people. No one can ever stay with you. You are miserable.

The life of a gold digger since you apparently came from nothing.

Gutter bitch.

We know your so called ‘invitation by the united nations’ is a lie.  Haha, invitation ko, initiation ni. Invitation unto ‘strandation’ abi?

Oh, I am loving this.

We also know you were fucking a young poet(*you like them young and promising with rich backgrounds uh* winks winks*) and when he left your ugly fried rice hair, you tried to ruin his next relationship, abi?

Why is everyone leaving you? Are you so pathetic? Pitiful? Boring? Ugly? Clingy? Lowlife? Or is it that your brains have been so fried with your hair that all you have inside your head are dead floating maggots? Yuck.

What? Is that sound a sniffle. Are you alright? Hope nothing.

You accuse me of being jobless.

Yes bitch I am ‘jobless’.

I am ‘jobless’ because I am counting down towards my resumption.

It’s just three weeks away.

Msc with a Ph.D pathway in Economics in one of the Top 50 best university in the world where less than 100 people got the admission out of over 10k applicants.

So you really want to compare yourself with me? Feminist wey dey suck prick to get money pay for NEPA bill.

Ojuelegba want compare to VGC. Edakun o.

Why the hell did nobody tell you to pick your battles? You think you are the shit because you threw a few stones? Bitch how do you like the sound of my canon?

What exactly were you doing at my age?

Looking for a rich man to bring you out of the poverty you suffered all your miserable life? Ain’t that sad that till now you are still looking. Except you think hiding behind feminism will give you prominence. Forget it. The mask is off. We know you ain’t shit. Bye bye, credibility. Hello, ugly misfit .

Now, to item 7, I bought you this cake.

Actually I wanted to buy the biggest cake in the store to send to you. Because recession and because I am a good Christian woman.

But I figured if you count 1 million naira before an urchin and then give him 100, he will kneel down and thank you. So, here, stuff your cake and bow down bitch, I am your benefactor.

I just unfastened my bra strap to relax. And I remembered that since you like talking about my bra (weird, have you been eyeing my boobs? Closet lesbian much?) maybe I should just let you have the cheapest one I have. It is Victoria Secret mind you.”

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