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Women should fear people who do these things


You should fear some human beings and what they can do to hurt you when you least expect it.

The worst kind of human beings are not those who don’t hide their hatred for you. At least, you know where you stand with them and you can avoid them as much as you can.

But the ones you should fear are those who hate you but pretend to be your friends or supporters. They are the ones who can destroy you in a flash.

Fear people who mask their hatred and smile at you. Fear people who wait for you to have a fight with someone else before they unleash their fangs and release your secrets to the world.

Fear people who do these things

Fear those who team up with your enemies to fight you even when you don’t have a fight with them. Those people who can’t wait to join your haters to destroy your reputation are evil.

Fear people who run from inbox to inbox on Facebook just to spread lies against you and turn others against you. They are serpents. Their envy eats them up and they jump on any opportunity to bring you down.

These are the ones you should keep very far from you. Anyone who rejoices when others are persecuting you is your enemy. They are secret haters.

Anyone who suddenly joins the people spreading negative stories about you is your enemy. They have been secretly envying you but hide it well.


Anyone who goes to beg for information that they will use to destroy you is an enemy. It doesn’t matter how long you have known them, they hate you.

Fear anyone who wants to know everything about everybody in your life. They are information merchants looking for things to use against you in the future.

Be wise. Don’t let their fake smiles and false loyalty fool you. Some people are the devil’s assistant. Sift your relationships. Trust a few people but trust yourself completely.


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