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Why every woman should stay away from negative people


Every woman who wants to live a good life should stay away from negative people. She must stay away from people who look down on her and belittle her efforts.

Woman, spend time with good and like-minded people. Your relationships should improve your life.

Your friends should support you and not hurt you. Your friends should help you achieve your dreams and not kill them. Your friends should have your back on bad days not stab you in the back.

Surround yourself with people who reflect who you want to become. Choose friends who are proud to be associated with you. Befriend people who love and respect you and also respect your opinions.

Why you need to stay away from negative people

Stay away from people who feel and tell you they are better than you. Stay away from people who make you doubt yourself and your life purpose.

Stay away from people who think they are doing you a favour by being your friends.

Befriend people who brighten your life and make you feel on top of the world.

Life is too short to be with people who drain you of happiness and self worth.


The reason I don’t pay attention to negative people is that they are like garbage trucks looking for where to dump their toxic wastes.

The moment I sense negative vibes from you, I take off. I have made up my mind not to be a dumping ground for these people who are always angry.

These negative people run around full of anger, full of frustration, and full of toxicity that they look for the nearest place to dump them.

And if you let them, they will dump their anger and bitterness on you free of charge so that you can bear the whole cost.

So when next a negative person wants to make your life or heart their convenient dumping ground, just smile, wish them well and walk away.

Tell them, not today, oh not today and stick to it daily. Your life shouldn’t be a dumping ground for negative emotions and behaviour.

Live life. Live happy. Live free.

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