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My mom insults me because I’m not married at 31


“I’m 31-years-old and the only child of my mum. My mum single handedly raised me to University level for which I’m very grateful to her for that and I will continue to be. Nevertheless, growing up wasn’t rosy for me because my mum and I never had a mother-daughter bond. My mum was harsh and strict. She was the type of mum that would beat me and put pepper in my eyes and vagina for doing things wrong. I sometimes doubted if she was my mum.

Presently, I’m still under her roof but it was never my intention to still live with her at this age. But the truth is that my mum has made my life hell. She tells me hurtful words, she nags at me a lot, telling me that at my age, she was already married and had given birth to me.


My mum insults me because I am unmarried at 31

She says at my age, she had left her parent’s house to go live and hustle in the city, and had bought her first gifts for her parents.Last year, she insisted that I should leave her house by January this year but my dad had to beg her to allow me since I had no cash. Yes, I know that she has tried for me and that’s why I have decided to leave the house.

Initially, I used to feel she would miss me as her only child. I even lost a job opportunity using this excuse after my NYSC but as it stands now, I’m ready to leave home so as to make ends meet and help her as well.I just don’t know where to go to, although I intend putting up at a nearby state in case of any emergency. I have done businesses that haven’t been successful.

Once, I was robbed and at other time, I made losses as a result of mismanagement. I have a friend who just relocated to a nearby state and I’m yet to beg her allow me come squat with her to start life afresh. I have skills in making ankara crafts & beads. I intend looking for a permanent night shift job to support me while I try out my skills or other skills during the day time.I don’t have a dime on me but I believe I will excel.

I’m presently in Port Harcourt hoping to move to Owerri. I don’t want to make wrong choices.”






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