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Husbands are not masters of their wives


Husbands are not masters of their wives. Husbands are not slave drivers who should withhold support from their wives or deny them the right to live their lives to the full.

When I hear some women talk about their husbands refusing them to work or do businesses that will bring them money, I cringe.

I begin to wonder where these women meet men who think they are gods and have the right to deny another human being the right to earn money even after going through our rigorous education system.

Why do women allow these men render them useless financially because they want to remain married? I don’t understand this.

Husbands are not masters of their wives

Why should a woman go through school and be denied the right to work by one insecure man who thinks that having a penis makes him a god?

A facebook friend wrote this post about the role of husbands in the lives of their wives and I agree with her.

Elisabeth Agbiti wrote:

“Husbands are not supposed to be masters giving or withholding permission from their wives.


Like you, your wife is a grown adult. She has dreams of her own.

And not every woman will “allow” you stand in the way of her dreams.

If she wants to pursue a career or run a business, you should be her support, not an enemy of progress to her dream.

It is wrong to try to force her to be a stay-at-home, non- earning woman just because it is what you want.

You two should be sitting down and working together to figure out what works best for each of you and the home you have together.

If you want your home to run smoothly, respect your wife and love her. Treat her as your partner. To do otherwise may be to your own detriment.

“Allow” your marriage work.



Dear men, you are not masters of your wives, you are husbands.

You cannot deny your wife the joy of being independent and still expect her to be happy with you.

Don’t be a destiny destroyer. Don’t be a wizard. Men, be husbands, not masters.


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