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In life, you cannot force people to love you


In life, you cannot force people to love you. You cannot force people to reciprocate your love. You cannot keep giving your love, time and resources without getting anything back in return.

Love but don’t allow yourself to be disrespected. If someone cannot meet you where you are, you cannot keep asking them to do so. Have some dignity and stay away from them.

You cannot pour your love into a vessel that cannot contain it. You cannot pour your love into a soul that cannot receive it. Learn to love yourself more than any friendship or relationship.

You will end up hurting and emptying yourself for people who don’t deserve it. That is not the best way to live life. You must learn to walk away from people who don’t reciprocate your love.

When you learn you are worthy of love just the way you are, you won’t put up with people who play with your feelings and emotions. It is not selfishness, it is protecting yourself from being abused.

In life, you cannot force people to love you


You must know that you deserve to be loved just you love others. It doesn’t mean you should crave other people’s love and acceptance, it means you have to get as much as you give.

You don’t have to beg for love. You don’t have to grovel at the feet of others because you want to be loved. Open up yourself for a world of happiness and self acceptance. You deserve the best.


Whenever I hear Nigerian women complaining about being treated badly by the men who should love and cherish them, I pity them. I pity them because these women don’t know their worth.

The sad thing is that when you tell these women that they deserve as much love as they give, they shrug their shoulders and claim they are happy that the men are picking their bills at least.

They justify not being loved and treated right with the men providing for them. Why should financial provision take the place of love and respect in a relationship? Nigerian women can do better.

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