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Teach your daughters that there’s more to life than male attention


Dear Nigerian parents, teach your daughters that there’s more to life than male attention. Teach them to go through life doing what they want to do and not what men want them to do. Teach them to stop living to impress and please men.

Don’t raise your daughters for marriage alone, you are preparing them for a huge shock ahead. Marriage is not all there is to a woman’s life. A woman has goals, dreams and aspirations that she must fulfill.

Every human being was created for a purpose, teach your daughters to find theirs and don’t limit their greatness by raising them to be good wife materials. Let your girls know that they are complete all by themselves and being in relationships and marriages doesn’t make them complete.

Teach your daughters that there’s more to life than male attention

Stop teaching your daughters that they have to audition for male attention so that they can be rewarded with marriage. Stop teaching your daughters that the best thing that can happen to them is being noticed by men who will find them worthy of marriage.

This upbringing is the reason many successful and rich young women in Nigeria today are spending resources, including time, money and energy, in competing for  unworthy and undeserving men and are losing out big time in the end.

This is why you will see a beautiful woman, who is intelligent, resourceful, hard working, resilient, living comfortably but she will feel so lost and incomplete that she will end up with a man who doesn’t love and respect her. This is because she has been taught that she is not complete without marriage.

Am I saying getting married is wrong? No. I’m saying Nigerian parents should stop raising their daughters for male attention and marriage. They should teach their daughters that living life on their terms should be more important than fighting for male attention and ending up in toxic and abusive marriages.

Dear parents, teach your daughters to have a healthy self esteem, to go after their dreams, to make money and become very wealthy.


Teach them to be leaders and CEOs. Teach them the importance of being themselves instead of living to fight for male attention.

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