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If your husband doesn’t satisfy you in bed, tell him and seek solution together


Dear Nigerian woman, if your husband doesn’t satisfy you in bed, tell him. Open your mouth and talk. Tell him that he’s misfiring. Let him know that he’s humping and panting for nothing.

I don’t understand why talking about your lack of sexual satisfaction with the man you married is such a Herculean task. What is wrong is telling your husband that he is satisfying you sexually?

If you don’t communicate this to him, how will he know he’s not doing it well? If you can’t be honest with your own husband about your lack of sexual satisfaction, is it Jesus you will tell?

What you shouldn’t do is come online to ask some sexually frustrated women who believe that being a wife and mother means you should endure crappy sex what to do.

You shouldn’t ask some of these women in funny Facebook women groups how to handle lack of sexual pleasure. Some of them don’t know what orgasm is. They will call you a slut.

If your husband doesn’t satisfy you in bed, tell him and seek solution together

Others haven’t experienced toe curling, heart racing, steamy sex in decades not to talk of reaching orgasms. To these women, as long as nna anyi climbs and descends, they are good even though they are dying.

And some of them are pretenders too. They will acquire hot bobos with six packs who will be oiling their rigs steady and advice you to pray to God to take away your sexual urges. Wicked women.

Don’t listen to these women. Some of them are wolves in sheep clothing. If you think I am lying, just mention DNA in their presence and you will see their true colours. Ndi virtuous women.


By the way, where do some women meet these husbands who can’t do the do and why can’t they talk to their husbands about something as sweet and heavenly as sex?

This is not the time for Nigerian women to keep quiet about crappy sex and lack of toe curling orgasms. If your husband is not satisfying you in bed, tell him he’s not doing and seek solution together.


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