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I am engaged to be married next month but my fiance beats me mercilessly


“Good morning Ma’am! I hope this gets approved. A friend of mine needs help please.

“I don’t even know what my offence is anymore. I am engaged to be married next month but my husband to be has temper issues.

If I show you what he did to my body you will cry. My fiancé beat me blue black yesterday. It is not his first time, yesterday’s own he used belt to hold my neck, flogged me with turning garri. He made sure I couldn’t breathe, it was neighbors that rushed to help me.

He beat me to nonsense and later started begging me. He beat me last month, I was even pregnant and he beat me. Even as I was bleeding, he did not stop, he continued beating me.

He made sure he beat me to a pulp and I collapsed then he came to beg. I love this guy so much but my pastor said he will change that it’s just prayers and I should mind how I behave around him.

I need prayers for God to change him, he is a nice person just that he is possessed by evil spirits of beating a woman. Please my wedding is next month ma’.”

I am engaged to be married next month but my fiance beats me mercilessly

My take:
I have no words for a woman who hates herself so much that she prefers to die at the hands of a mad man instead of leaving an abusive relationship.

A man beat you while you are pregnant and didn’t stop until you collapsed and you are still asking me what to do. You are not serious.


After making excuses for her abuser, this lady is still asking me for what to do. I don’t understand why the need to get married supersedes the desire to love oneself and stay alive.

You are the one suffering, you are the one in pain and you are still the one making excuses for a mad man you are willing to marry next month. Why do you need advice? You are ready to die just to be married.

You don’t need advice. Continue praying like your pastor said, he will change. When you die, the same pastor will officiate your burial but life goes on for the man.

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  2. Ebube says

    God forbid

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