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Never eye your wife’s money, Reno Omokri advises Nigerian husbands

Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has a message for Nigerian husbands. He advised them to stop eyeing their wives money and pretend it doesn’t exist.

Read his post below:

“Dear husbands, your money is meant for you, your wife and your children to spend, but your wife’s money is not meant for you to spend.


Don’t even think of it. Don’t make plans for it. Pretend it doesn’t even exists. Never eye her money. Leave it for her and the children.

Make your own. Men who put their eyes on their wives monies hardly progress. It is against nature and good judgment.

Yes, two shall become one. But you are the head of the family. A head is designed to carry weight, and not just to Lord it about. Carry the weight!”

I know some men won’t agree with him but I have heard a lot of women complain about their husbands demanding money from them without considering that these women take care of some things at home including their children.

Reno Omokri

Some men take it a notch higher by stealing from their wives. One woman almost went mad when her husband opened her piggy bank in her absence and took all the money inside without thinking about the fact that she was saving that money for something important.

While it is not advisable to abandon all the financial responsibility for husbands, men should stop eyeing their women’s money like Reno Omokri advised. This is because these women end up spending the money on family expenses and the children.

Should husbands give their wives money? Hell yes. If husbands don’t give their wives money, who will do that for them? Wives have legal rights to secure basic amenities such as food, clothes, medical bills, residence, and education for themselves and their children.

Wives can’t do all these without getting money from their husbands. It’s not possible. Money problems cause serious challenges in marriages that if not handled properly may lead to anger, resentment and divorce. Nigerian men should give their wives money so that they can have happy homes.

Wives shouldn’t have to ask their husbands for money because husbands are bound by law to provide for their wives and children.

We know what is right and wrong when it comes to providing money for the family but why do husbands hide money from their wives? Why do husbands lie about how much they are paid at work and how much they make from their businesses?

Some of these husbands claim that they do this because as men, they shouldn’t tell their wives everything so that they won’t start demanding for too much. I think this mentality is flawed.

Some husbands have different reasons for financial infidelity. They keep financial secrets from their wives because they don’t trust the women they married. They hide their money from their wives because they don’t trust these women to make sound financial decisions.

Some husbands also hide money from their wives because they are covering up something shady they are engaged in like having multiple sexual affairs, addictions and owning properties without their wives knowledge.

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