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‘Don’t just give your parents money in their old age’ -Reno Omokri


Reno Omokri has advised Nigerians to give their parents something more than money as they age.

Reno Omokri wrote:

“Don’t just give your parents money in their old age. Give them something more than money. Give them your attention.

Call them often. More of their friends die as they age and they suffer from loneliness. Ease their pain.

You spend hours everyday chatting on WhatsApp with acquaintances and associates who have not sacrificed for you like your parents.

You talk on the phone for ages with your love interest and business partners. You have so many people to talk to.

Now, imagine if all of these people that you talk to are suddenly no more, would you not feel lonely and depressed? In fact, stop reading this and call your parents now!”


Many people are so busy with day-to-day schedules that taking time off work to be with their aging parents is difficult.

You can be productive at work while still giving your aging parents the care and attention you would love to give them.

Isolation, loneliness, and boredom are the most common issues among elderly people. It may be compounded by mobility issues.

The inability to drive as much as they used to could compound the loneliness they feel on a daily basis. Worse still, they see their friends passing away.

There are fewer opportunities to make friends and get involved in social engagements, adding to the reason why many older parents tend to stay at home.

You shouldn’t let the presence of a caregiver take your place in the lives of your aging parents.

There is nothing holding you back from reaching out to your parents on a regular basis. Technology has even made it possible for you to see their faces even when you are not right there with them.

You should visit your parents frequently. Despite the benefits of modern technology, there is no technology or amount of calls that can substitute one on one visit.


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