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10 lies Nigerian society tells women about men, marriage and building with struggling men


The wife of Nollywood actor, producer and director, Yul Edochie has reacted to a post the husband made on his verified Instagram page on Wednesday announcing the birth of his son with Nollywood actress, Judy Austin, who he also confirmed to be his second wife.

Yul Edochie who is married to May Edochie with four kids welcomed a baby boy with his colleague, Judith Austin in 2021.

For decades, this society has told women lies about men, loving men, building their marriages and building futures with struggling men.

If you get married as a virgin, your husband will never cheat on you but he will respect you forever. ❌

If you build with a man, when he becomes rich, he won’t joke with you. You will start enjoying. ❌

If you are virtuous, submissive and humble, your husband will cherish you all the days of his life. ❌

If you have boys for your husband, your legs are firmly planted in your husband’s house.❌


If you put condom in his bag when he’s travelling, he won’t bring home another child. ❌

If your husband is cheating on you, forget about him, focus on your children. He will come back to his senses one day and come back home to you. ❌

If you are a dutiful wife, your husband won’t have the heart to hurt you. He will always remember how you suffered with him. ❌

A wise woman builds her home with her hands, blood, tears, submission and obedience. ❌

The Bible said you must submit to your head but if your Christian husband marries another wife, don’t be angry. You know that men are polygamous in nature.❌

If you cheat on your husband, you are a bad wife who is capable of killing him but if your husband impregnates and marries another woman, he’s an odogwu. ❌

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