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Amy Schumer Seemingly Shaded Tiffany Haddish And It’s Not Going Over Well For Her


Amy Schumer, who appeared on the latest episode of HBO’s The Shop with LeBron James, Maverick Carter, Paul Riveria, Fat Joe and Don Lemon, posed some questions about Tiffany Haddish that had viewers scratching their heads.

Lemon was leading a powerful discussion on Black vulnerability in the media and how necessary it is when the comedian changed topics, referencing a comment made earlier about “aspirational” entertainers.

She acknowledge derailing the conversation but then proceeded, saying that women entertainers adhere to different rules and have to sacrifice their self-confidence for success.

This is totally off-topic,” she said. “But I think it’s the opposite for women and female comics.”

Amy Schumer continued and shared that she grew up listening to Lil Kim and appreciated her boldness. The comedian, however, added that she thinks Lil Kim downplays a part of herself publicly for the sake of her career.

Schumer said she and other female comedians like Chelsea Handler and Moms Mabley have to make jokes about being “a drunk” or a “fat whore” in order to break the glass ceiling.

Lemon took back control of the conversation, countering Schumer’s perspective. The CNN host said that there are women in the industry who are “breaking the mold and not doing that.”


He went on to name Tiffany Haddish as an example of someone who has seen a meteoric rise without putting herself down. Proving his point, Lemon referenced Haddish clapping back at reporter Lauren Zima who referred to her Oscars gown as a “costume.”


This is not an acting gig,” she told Zima at the time. “This is my life. This what fame look like. That what success look like.”

Amy  Schumer challenged Lemon’s point, questioning whether Haddish standing up for herself was helping or hurting her career.

“But how is that going for her?” she asked. “I’m really asking this. I’m really asking this.”

“I love Tiff,” Lemon said, as Schumer jumped in, again.

“I love Tiff, too, she’s incredible. She’s had a huge meteoric rise. I’m wondering if people are going to get pissed at her,” Schumer said.

clip of the exchange has since circulated on social media, and fans are not holding back, The Atlanta Black Star reports.


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