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“If she can’t submit to you, tell her another wife is coming” -Nigerian journalist advises men


Nigerian journalist and publisher, Ogar Solomon, has advised men to tell their wives that ‘another wife is coming’ if they won’t submit to their authority.

“Dear Men, here’s nothing wrong in loving your woman with reckless abandon. It’s okay to be vulnerable around her as long as you have a good woman with you,” he said in a Facebook post on Friday, May 26.

“But stop being weak. Once a man is weak, there’s a very high tendency that his wife will become a feminist. No matter how much a woman has, her husband is the prize.

“Be strong. A strong man is an intelligent, industrious knowledgeable and loveable man. More like, knowing what he wants, standing on his words and providing for the family.

“If she can’t submit to you, tell her another wife is coming.”


Why is it that whenever the topic of marriage comes up, the first thing an average Nigerian man will say he’s looking for in a woman is submission? Why do these men love this portion of the Bible so much yet break every other commandments in the Bible?

These men who live and breathe submission and demand it from women as if their lives depend on it don’t have problems with lying, stealing, cheating on their wives with impunity, disrespecting their wives and their family members, yet they cling onto submission as if it is their oxygen.

The Cambridge English dictionary defines submission as the act of allowing someone or something to have power over you.

It is the act of accepting the power or authority of someone else. It is also the act of giving something for a decision to be made by others, or a document formally given in this way

This is why Nigerian men love submission. They love to insist women submit to them because it gives them the power to control their lives, dressing, decisions, relationships and future. Nigerian men hide under the Bible to abuse women.

Whenever you hear a Nigerian man talk about his wife submitting to his authority, he is talking about her being his dunce and doormat. He is talking about a woman who has no voice or opinion of her own. He is talking about a woman he will lord it over using the Bible as his cover.


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