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Skai Jackson Speaks About Becoming the Face of Cacharel’s New Empowering Fragrance


Hollywood Actress Skai Jackson considers herself to be a “big perfume girl” and her love for fragrance is doused in nostalgia.

“When I would go to middle school, I always had to be like, ‘Mom, make sure you spray my perfume on,'” the author, and activist tells PEOPLE.

Jackson, now 20, is bringing her love of perfume to the next level by joining Cacharel as the face of its new scent, Yes I Am Bloom Up!, and the star couldn’t be more excited about the beauty gig.

“It means so much to me to be the face of Cacharel,” Jackson says. “I’ve always been a fan of the brand, not for just the products that they put out, but just everything that they stand for. What they do behind the scenes, helping uplift young girls and empowering each other, that’s just everything that I align with in my life. I’m super excited to be a part of the family.”

Yes I Am Bloom Up! is formulated with fruity and floral notes that put “a joyous, optimistic spin” on the line’s original “spicy signature.” The formula, dubbed as “fizzy cremoso,” is a zesty and fresh concoction of red berries, green mandarin, red peonies and orange blossom, all enveloped in a vanilla-like benzoin base and sandalwood essence.

Skai Jackson

“It makes me feel so confident,” says Jackson, who believes the biggest compliment she can receive is on a fragrances she’s wearing.

“I just know that I’m smelling good 24/7 and people are just going to smell me from a mile away. That’s what I love,” she continues, adding that a few spritzes of the scent “automatically puts you in an amazing mood.”


The new launch, which retails between $42-$68, is also packaged in the Yes I Am collection’s iconic lipstick-shaped bottle. It’s a “symbol of fully-owned femininity” and a connection between Bloom Up! and its sibling scents, Yes I Am, Yes I Am Pink First and Yes I Am Fabulous, which all hold their unique color. “With these, I’m spraying them on left and right. I put them in my purse, they’re with me every single day,” raves Jackson.

A partnership with Cacharel is a perfect fit for the actress, who’s so much of a fragrance aficionado that she’s cultivated a steady routine for herself in that department.

She concludes that her favorite scent is anything vanilla (“I basically like the same in different variations”). She knows how to layer her scents, whether that’s with body butter or a lightly scented oil with roses and peony in it. And, every night before bed, fresh out of the shower, she splashes herself with perfume because she wants to “smell good at all times.”

Jackson’s even mapped out which areas of her body to spray to make an impact. “I put it on my wrist, my neck, behind my knees and whatever I’m wearing (don’t even ask why I put it behind my knees, I just do),” she jokes.


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