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‘I’m so beautiful I’ve never had to pay for an overseas flight: Here’s how I make the most of my ‘pretty privilege’


Emily Adona claims she’s ‘so pretty’ she never had to pay for a trip overseas, because she’s always flown out by rich men.

Emily Adonna, who lives in California, unintentionally caused a stir online after discussing a serious experience.

In a series of TikTok videos Emily claims she was sexually assaulted by a stranger and says people haven’t taken her seriously in the past.

Pretty privilege is a thing, I’m not here to deny that, but it comes with disadvantages,’ she said.

Emily Adona

‘I’ve never once been in a job where I haven’t been harassed. I’ve rarely been in social situations where I haven’t been harassed,’ Emily claims.

‘People don’t usually take “no” as an answer with me, because they think I’m something to be possessed.

New York-based psychologist Kristen Roman told


‘Pretty privilege refers to the idea that people who are more physically attractive are automatically perceived positively in other ways, referred to as a “halo effect.” This means that physically attractive people might be assumed to be smarter, more competent, and more likeable, and this can be associated with being treated better.

‘There is evidence that this affects advancement in the workplace, including being more likely to get promoted or make more money. Given that our physical appearance is one of the first things people experience when we meet them, it makes sense that it has a strong impact on others’ perception of us, especially early on.

Emily Adona

‘There is evidence that a bias towards beauty exists in cultures around the world, not just ours, although each culture’s definition of beauty is different.

‘While research demonstrates that being attractive can be associated with positive outcomes, this doesn’t mean it also doesn’t come with negatives.

‘When we have limited information about someone, it is human nature to make snap judgments about them in order to try to best navigate the situation. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads us to wrongly assume things. It is also a common phenomenon for people to dislike or tear down those who have something they want.’

‘People do not ask before touching me in public, I am grabbed regularly, I’ve been assaulted by a stranger.’

Emily claims she once passed up a business opportunity because others believed she was ‘too young and beautiful’, and thought she would ‘be distracting for other people in the industry’.

Emily Adona

Emily Adona said she has also noticed a difference in how others treat her when she’s all dressed up compared to when she’s wearing casual clothes.

‘I am treated differently, and it is night and day, from when I go in public with a mask and raggedy old oversized clothes, and looking how I am right now,’ she said.

In a follow-up video Emily claims often when she opens up about negative experiences she’s asked questions such as ‘what were you wearing?’, ‘were you being too nice?’ and ‘why were you alone?’


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