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Chef Dammy’s pastor Prophet Adegoke Jeremiah sues her for N20m in damages


Chef Dammy has been sued by her Pastor, Prophet Adegoke Jeremiah, days after she called for him to be held responsible should anything happen to her.

Chef Dammy had claimed that she has been threatened and bullied, leaving her living in constant fear for her life.

In a court document dated October 23, the Pastor demanded that Chef Dammy retract her earlier comment about him across social media platforms and in two widely read national dailies.

Prophet Jeremiah also asked for N20m in damages over the alleged defamation against him. He gave Chef Dammy seven days to comply with the demands or risk having a date in court with him.

Chef Dammy



“Now I believe this Dammy girl was right in the first place. What?????????? Somebody God wanted to raise under you and this whole nonsense is happening. Please oga pastor, calm down and have a deep soul searching. God will surely fulfill His words / plans concerning the young girl with or without you. I believe you have at least once or more times poured anointed oil on her and declared fatherly blessings. What happened to all those father and daughter relationship. Abi all na business strategy? Please recall your attack dogs which you unleased on the poor girl to harass and intimidate her. God is STILL ON THE THRONE AND RULES IN THE AFFAIRS OF MEN. God bless you sir.”



“Pastor that hasn’t seen 20m whole in his account before is asking for damages of 20m. All these religious jobbers are a menace! Go and get a job please.”


“This explains why he is a cult personality and followed by people who see him as a demigod. Mugus everywhere in the name of religion.”


“He is trying to hush and shush her from revealing things they did under covers. If the girl should open mouth eh? Look at him, he looks already fake, fraudulent, imitation of piety, phony, counterfeit, a sham, he looks quite a dupe. All the Nigerian Pastors are tithe demanding swindlers who Tinubu shamed in. They are beginning to crawl out from under, shame on all this of you.”

“Just leave the Church, report case to police. You don’t have to pass through all this, we all know the potential curse of dispute is money. Pastor wants to cash out from the assumed largesse. Unknown to both of them that Chef Dammy just wasted her time cooking, as you have to wait for one year before you break any record set. Since she didn’t wait for that one year record set by Chef Hilda, then its UNBROKEN.”


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