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Mom Loves Being Pregnant So Much That She Is Now Leasing Out Her Womb For $40K


A mother from Atlanta has openly shared her deep enjoyment of pregnancy. To the extent that she is currently offering her womb for lease to aspiring parents as a surrogate mother.

Charging a substantial fee of $40,000, Yessenia Latorre, aged 26, has given birth to a total of three babies thus far. Two of whom are her biological children, and one as a surrogate for another couple.

While Yessenia Latorre envisions expanding her own family when the time is right, she is presently making her womb available for rent to assist those who are facing difficulties with conception.

Expressing her enthusiasm for the role, Latorre stated, “I have definite plans to act as a surrogate once again in the near future. I am eagerly looking forward to this experience once more,” as conveyed to

She’s even sharing her journey to be a surrogate mother on TikTok.

Yessenia Latorre

Yessenia Latorre has actively documented her journey on TikTok, where she has amassed a following of 222,700 individuals. Her online presence has transformed her into a valuable resource for aspiring parents who are exploring the possibility of utilizing a surrogate.

Numerous women have reached out to Yessenia Latorre. Seeking guidance on becoming surrogates themselves. While more than 100 families have contacted her with the aspiration that she can help turn their dreams of starting a family into reality.


Regarding the substantial fee of $40,000 to be a surrogate mother, Latorre expresses a desire for people to recognize that the primary motivation for most surrogates is not financial. She views monetary compensation as an additional aspect that complements the immeasurable impact of positively transforming a family’s life.

“I hold the belief that family holds immense importance, and I take great pride in my contributions,” she affirmed. Yessenia Latorre welcomed her first child, Tyson, into the world in 2017. An event that ignited an enduring fondness for the pregnancy experience.

She elaborated, “Every aspect of pregnancy resonates with me deeply. From the joy of nurturing a baby bump to attending medical appointments and feeling the gentle kicks of the baby. I relish it all. After the birth of my son, while content with my own family, a yearning to experience pregnancy once more always lingered within me.”


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