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Chrissy Teigen Posts C-Section Photo to Refute Online Claims She Used Surrogate for Baby Esti


Chrissy Teigen recently shared some visual responses to a string of hateful online accusations that she secretly used a surrogate for the recent birth of her 4-month-old daughter Esti Maxine.

“Extremely realistic ‘moon bump,'” Teigen, 37, sarcastically wrote over an intimate shot taken on Jan. 13 after her cesarean section.

“Obsessed with this comment,” the cookbook author added about one specific troll, who posted that Teigen was “born male” and “used something called a moonbump” during her pregnancy, before bizarrely claiming that they were also a “huge fan of Chrissy by the way.”

Teigen spoke with PEOPLE about her first cesarean section in March — and why she was “so excited” about the surgery.

“I was kind of excited because I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’ve done the vaginal thing twice. Let’s try this,’ ” she said of her previous births with daughter Luna Simone, 7, and son Miles Theodore, 4. “I really love surgery.”

Chrissy Teigen

“The incision is a lot and you never know how your stomach’s going to come together,” she recalled of the surgery. “I think your organs are on the table for a second, but that to me is so cool. I was taking pictures above the seat. I have the craziest pictures of the cord and everything.”

Though she is reveling in family life, Teigen also felt the need to stand up to social media trolls last month who scrutinized a photo she shared during a family trip to Italy. This showed Teigen and her husband, 44, walking around Venice with Esti strapped to the musician’s chest.


In the picture, Legend is using a baby carrier to hold Esti, who is kept close to her dad while looking outwards.

One user commented on the photo suggesting that the couple was not using the carrier “right,” tagging another user to “give them some advice” on how to wear it.

Defending her parental choices, Teigen replied to the user, asserting that “‘right’ is how she is comfortable.”

“She doesn’t like to be high and tight and likes to look around and see her daddy,” Teigen said of Esti. “She is safe and happy.”


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