Treat your woman the way you want to be treated

Treat your woman well, she will worship the ground you walk on. Men must know that what they give is what they get when it comes to relationships. You can’t keep treating your woman like trash and expect her to be the best thing that happened to you after a chilled bottle of beer.

Treat your women well, it is not that hard. Before you call women names, make sure your hands clean too otherwise you are noisy hypocrite who can’t take the same things he dishes out to women. I had this conversation with a friend recently.

Cuddling couple

Lover boy: “I love my girl but she’s always making me beat her.”

Kate: “Wow, you hit her, why?”

Lover boy: “She’s always flirting with other guys even in my presence.”

Kate: “But that’s not reason enough to beat her. What happened to walking away?”

Lover boy: “You don’t know how it feels for a man to see his woman smiling at other guys.”

Kate: “Do you want her to frown at everyone because she’s with you?”

Lover boy: “She’s my woman. I own her. We are getting married soon. We have been dating for six years now.”

Kate: “You have been dating this girl for six years now and you are still telling me you are getting married soon, are you Methuselah?”

Lover boy: “I am still studying her. These things take time you know. A man must test his future wife with many things before he finally marries her.”

Kate: “Is she the only one you are studying or you have a harem of women you are testing too?”

Lover boy: “A man has to be careful these days you know. One can’t put all his eggs in one basket when it comes to women and marriage. They can disappoint you at any time.”

Kate: “So why are you now angry with her for not putting all her eggs in your basket of marriage proposal only? You both are playing the same game.”

Lover boy: “I know you will support her. Is it no longer you?”

Kate: “I am not supporting anybody here. I am trying to understand why you think it is right for you keep stringing along many girls and get angry when your girl does the same thing. Treat her well. ”

Lover boy: “It’s because am a man. A man is entitled to many women as long as he can take care of them. But any woman who does that is a cheap whore.”

Kate: “But you are also a whore because you keep inserting and removing from different women’s oil rigs.”

Lover boy: “You are provoking me with this your talk. I came to you for advice but it seems you are just like my girl.”

Kate: “I am nothing like your girl. She’s just following your footsteps. If you want someone who won’t lie to you, stop lying to the person.”

Lover boy: “It doesn’t work with women. Women love being lied to. They prefer bad boys, forget all that talk about wanting a god fearing man. Girls love bad boys who hurt them.”

Kate: “You are generalising now. How many girls have you dated to come to that conclusion? Have you been with all the women in the world to know they love bad boys who hurt them?

Lover boy: “You are not helping me. What should I do to make sure my girl’s eyes remain on me alone?”

Kate: “Treat her the way you want to be treated.”

Lover boy: “Is that all you have to say?”

Kate: “What hurts you more; the fact that she smiles at other men or the possibility that she might leave you soon for wasting her time for six years?”

Lover boy: “You better talk to her before I do something stupid.”

Kate: “I will tell her to summon the courage to leave your sorry ass before you kill her.”

Lover boy: “I won’t kill her. Little beatings don’t kill. They help to reset her brain. How many women have died from being beaten by their men?”

Kate: “Okay then, let me get two guys to beat you too whenever you wink at other women and bring them home for quickies. That way, you both will be even.”

Lover boy: “You are wicked. There’s nothing wrong with a man testing the waters before marriage.”

Kate: “The same way there’s nothing wrong with a woman testing different rods before marriage.”

Lover Boy: “But she’s a woman, she’s not supposed to be sleeping around.”

Kate: “Says who? You better get your acts together and decide who you want for yourself before you get old studying people’s children because of marriage.”

Lover boy: “Thank​s for nothing. You just ruined my day.”

Kate: “I am just being realistic. Treat your woman the way you want to be treated. It’s not that hard.”



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  1. Claire says:

    Lovely write up sis kate!

    Some men want to eat their cake and still have it back!
    When women give them a dose of their own poison they will complain their being poisoned!

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