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Living with a narcissist 1


Living with a narcissist can be emotionally and psychologically draining.

This woman’s story will open your eyes to some of the ways a narcissist sucks away your self esteem and blames you also for his irresponsible behaviour.

Wife: Where are you coming from at this time of the night?

Husband: What kind of question is this? Must I tell you everything I do? I am a man not a baby.

Wife: I am tired of dealing with your disrespectful behaviour. If you don’t want to behave like a married man, then we should go our separate ways.

Husband: What do you even want? I provide for you and the children. You have a nice house, a beautiful car, you have jewelries and money to spend, what do you need my presence at home for?

Living with a narcissist

Months later…

Husband: What kind of woman will go to bed without calling her husband to find out where he is.



Husband: You don’t care about me. You don’t love me anymore. You don’t appreciate everything I do for you and the children. Now I know for sure that you are cheating on me.


Husband: Let me just die and leave this world for you so that you can be happy with your lovers. You and your children will suffer. I can’t do this anymore.

Wife: When are we ending this marriage because both of us are tired of each other?

Husband starts crying.

Husband: What did I do to deserve this. You are the only woman I have loved in my life.

Wife: What about your lovers you tell all the time that you are not married?

Husband: That’s just a game. Why don’t you understand that? You are not matured. If you are, you won’t be hammering on me talking to other ladies all the time. You don’t know how to pet a man.

Wife: That’s fine. I will start playing the same game. This marriage is now officially an open marriage.

Husband sobs harder.

Husband: You don’t love me. You don’t know how to love me. You don’t know how much I love you. You are hurting me. You have broken my heart.

To be continued…

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    ah, madness niyen

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