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Adaobi Amadi advises parents to talk to their children about everything


Facebook influencer, Adaobi Amadi has advised parents to talk to their children about everything and not allow any topic become a taboo.

Adaobi Amadi wrote:

“I’m not a perfect parent.

You read about the sweet parts between David and I, but in real life, it’s hard and it’s different. It’s not always sweet.

Tamar and Claire know how many times I’ve called them to say “this pikin no dey hear word!”

As a mother and a teacher, permit me to tell you this…

You can only do your best as a parent, but you cannot completely control what your child is exposed to.


Your child may not have a phone and may not have access to the internet, but his classmates sneak phones into school and it’s them who would expose your child to the very things you try to protect them from.

Talk to your children about EVERYTHING.

Do not allow any topic to become a taboo for you.

When they ask you for information, give it to them. Not just from a religious point of view, but also from moral, biological, logical, etc points of view.

Provide them with the RIGHT information because if you don’t, you’re making room for someone to provide them with the wrong ones.

I remember the day David came back and asked me about rape. It’s one of the best conversations we’ve ever had.

David is 10, but I can tell you that he knows what CONSENT is. He KNOWS that consent can be withdrawn during sex.

He knows that in the middle of sex, a woman can still say no and that she doesn’t want it anymore and if that happens, the man should stop.

Don’t let your children feel like there are certain topics they cannot speak to you about. You will be doing them more harm than good.

If there’s anything my son and my students know about me, it’s that I’m firm and very strict, but I’m also very approachable and friendly.

I’m as much a disciplinarian, as I am a comedian.

One minute I’m hugging you and telling you I love your smile, and the next minute I’m giving you grass to cut; with the scariest frown you have ever seen, because you broke a school rule.”


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