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“There’s no husband abroad” – Canada-based lady tells Nigerian ladies


A Nigerian woman living in Canada has informed other Nigerian women planning to relocate abroad not to come with the expectation of finding love there.

The young lady in a video she shared on TikTok stated that there are no husbands abroad.

In light of this, she urged Nigerian women to find a husband or, even better, get married before proceeding with their relocation plans.

“There’s no husband here abroad. If you have someone you want to get married to , marry that person and bring him here. If you’re thing you will find him here, its not possible, he’s not here”.

Canada has been deemed the eighth safest country for women to travel in by themselves this summer, according to a travel study ranking 34 countries. The United States was ranked near the bottom at 32.

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In another news, a Nigerian lady, identified as Precious Kolawole, has taken to social media to show her exhilaration after seeing snow for the first time in her life.


The young lady, who recently relocated to Canada, couldn’t contain her excitement after witnessing snow fall from the sky for the first time and filmed a video to capture her reaction.

In the video she posted on her Twitter page, @precillieo is seen talking excitedly about the snow as she captured a view of buildings covered in snow.

“God, is this heaven? This is heaven on earth”, she said with so much joy in her voice.


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