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Jada Pinkett-Smith Explains Why She’d Want Willow To Have A Similar Relationship To Her And Will Smith


Jada Pinkett-Smith has shared that she’d want her daughter, Willow Smith, to have a similar relationship to hers with Will Smith.

Some may find the confession surprising, considering the things Jada recently unveiled about her marriage to Will in her memoir, ‘Worthy.’

Jada On What Type Of Relationship She Wants For Willow

However, her desire for a relationship similar to the one she has with Will doesn’t necessarily mean she wants Willow to endure the hardships she experienced with the ‘I Am Legend’ actor.

Every relationship has its struggles, but Jada and Will’s bond has proven strong enough to weather them all, at least by the look of things. And in a recent sit-down interview on the ‘PRETTY SMART’ podcast, which premiered Thursday (February 29), Jada indicated that she wants her daughter to pursue a relationship that would see her transition into the woman her mom is today.

“If it’s going to help her become the woman I’m becoming, yes,” the former ‘Red Table Talk’ host expressed.

The mother of two admitted in her book that maintaining the relationship she shares with Will has taken both of them a lot of work, and it hasn’t always been easy.

Willow Smith


Yet, despite the couple’s separation in 2016, Jada and Will have been committed to staying together and working on their relationship.

Divorcing Will Is Out Of The Question For Jada

The Hollywood couple have faced and overcome many challenges, including a scandalous entanglement. But their dedication to each other has remained unwavering even though they’ve chosen to live in separate homes.

Jada added, “As much as Will and I have tried to get away from each other, it’s not happening.”

The ‘Matrix’ star says she appreciates that Will dedicates himself to understanding and learning how to love her better, which she views as a priceless gift in their relationship.

“To know that I have someone by my side that, no matter what, is dedicated to learning how to love and learning how to love me, and vice versa, I don’t know what else you could ask for.”

The couple has chosen to stay together despite the many trials they’ve faced, reinforcing their bond and commitment to one another.

During the promo tour in support of her memoir in late 2023, Jada confirmed on an episode of ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’ that she and Will are “staying together forever,” per Entertainment Weekly.


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