Living with a narcissist 3

Wife looked at husband. She turned to his uncles and looked them in the eye, one after the other.

They were still telling her to be humble and submissive and kneel down to apologise to her husband for talking about his philandering ways.

She stood up. Walked towards her husband and dropped on her knees. Husband smiled. His uncles cheered. They said she was still a good woman. They praised her for doing the right thing.

She started crying uncontrollably. Her body was shaking as tears poured down her face. She apologized to her husband for questioning him, for talking about his lovers and for breaking his head. She begged him to forgive her.

Husband wiped her tears and held her up. He told her to stop crying that all is well. He said he loves her and that she should stop bothering about his mistresses. He called them irrelevant. He took her back to her seat.

Everyone was talking at the same time. Uncles were beaming with smiles and nodding their heads in agreement to what wife did. Husband was happy that his wife was back. They all talked for a while and husband’s uncles admonished the couple to always live in peace.

It was time for refreshments. Wife had cook her signature bitter leaf soup and pounded yam for her in-laws. They ate to their fill. They put large chunks of meat and dry fish into their mouths with precision. They praised their wife for being such a good cook.

One of them even hinted that it was one of the reasons their son married her. He had told them 10 years earlier that he met a young, beautiful and intelligent woman who was a great cook too. And they advised him to marry her.They all laughed.

An hour later when it was time for husband’s uncle to leave, he gave them 30 thousand naira for transport back to their respective homes. Wife winced but she looked at them and smiled again.

Since she married her husband, he had never given her parents money nor cared about their medical expenses. He would pretend not to hear her whenever she said one of her parents was sick and in the hospital.

Husband always told her that she came from a cursed family and that she shouldn’t associate herself with them now that God has blessed her with him. He hated her family members. Whenever they visited, he would tell his wife to send them away.

Tears were welling up in wife’s eyes as she thought about these things. She looked at husband again and husband winked at her. He rushed to her and hugged her. His uncles cheered. They called them the best couple in town.

Wife apologised to husband

As they saw husband’s uncles off, those ones told wife again to leave social media and focus fully on her marriage. They told her to look at the cars and luxury that she enjoys with her children and be submissive to her husband.

Uncle 2 said: What a man does outside your home is none of your business. As long as he comes home to you and pays the bills, you must love and obey him so that it will be well with you.

Uncle 3: Our wife, we cannot deceive you. We are elders. We have seen many things at our age and that is why we are advising you this way. We love you. We want the best for you and our son. Please be humble and submissive. You will enjoy your marriage.

Uncle 1: Why are you worrying yourself about strange women? Your husband is a young man with resources and women will throw themselves at him. You have to know that you are the one he chose to be his wife and the mother of his children. You are the one at home. You should be grateful for that. You don’t lack anything so just forget about this woman talk and be a wise woman. A wise woman builds her home with her hands with patience, prayer, persistence and perseverance. Don’t forget these four keys to a happy marriage. It is well with you both.

Wife nodded to everything they said. Husband was smiling. He held his wife’s hands and kissed them and his uncles giggled. They called him a real man who knows how to love a woman. They tell wife again that she’s blessed to have their son as her husband.

After they left, husband’s phone started buzzing non stop. It was his pregnant girlfriend calling. She sent a message asking how the meeting went and if wife was sent back to her parent’s house. Wife read the message and smiled.

She handed the phone to husband and told him that his phone has been ringing non stop and that he should answer because it might be important. He thanked her for being such an understanding woman.

When the calls became too much, husband left the house. He told wife he has to meet with some of his business partners at the island.

Wife hugged him and told him to go well and prayed for him. He kissed her and dropped some money for her to go shopping.

One hour after he left, a mini truck was seen moving out of their compound. Wife called a truck and moved all her things with it.

She told the children to call their father once it was 7pm and tell him what happened. She promised them she would come for them later.

Husband didn’t know that wife had planned her exit. She moved into her elder brother’s house, switched off her phones and took herself to a spa nearby for a full body massage. She needed to blow off some steam after everything that happened.

Hours later, her children called their father and asked him when he was coming home. He told them that he won’t be back until the next morning. They asked him who will stay at home with him.

Husband: What kind of question is this? Is your mother not at home.

First child: Mummy is not at home. She packed her things and left. She said she would talk to you later.


Husband: What kind of joke is this? What do you mean your mother left? Why would she do that? Who gave her permission to leave? Let me call her.

He called his wife but her lines were unreachable.


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  1. Olugbode Kenny says:

    不不不不不不不不不不不this is awesome.
    Kudos wife

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    What a wonderful wife!!!! Wow, I love this woman.

  3. Bukola says:

    Very interesting read. Waiting to read what’s next.
    Thumbs up to the wife.

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    Dejavu ….. Sounds too familiar

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