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10 Types Of Friends Every Woman Should Avoid


There are some friends you should avoid as you go through life. Women should stay away from friends who bring nothing but drama, toxicity and unhealthy competition.


Listed below are types of friends Nigerian women should avoid:


1. There are some friends who claim to be very busy whenever you reach out to them. They don’t ever check up on you or respond to your messages. If you don’t call them, they won’t care to find out how you are doing.


2. There are some friends who are in constant competition with you but you won’t know until they manage to get small change. That is when you will know that they are using you to feel good about their pathetic lives.



3. There are some people who expect you to support them, carry their matter on your head, do things for them but they won’t do the same for you. When you stop watering them, they get angry.


4. There are some people who befriend anybody you are close to so that they can ruin your relationship with that person. They add your active Facebook friends on their list just for gossip.




5. There are some people who are close friends with everyone you are on bad terms with. They hear from you and gist these people so you don’t know where your problem is coming from.


6. There are some people whose stock in trade is spreading lies about you even though you love and care for them. When you hear the things they say about you, even your soul will be shocked.



7. There are some people who pretend to be your friend so that they can monitor your progress compared to theirs. They will be by your side during hard times but when things get better for you, they get offended and stay away.


8. There are some friends who are good at causing misunderstandings between you and the close people in your life. These people don’t like seeing a group of people happy.


9. There are some people who don’t like your guts but they will befriend you to get information that they will use to destroy your reputation. These ones are always lying in wait until you have a misunderstanding with someone else to unleash their hidden anger.


10. There are people who will never be happy for you but they expect you to celebrate every little thing that happens in their lives. These ones complain about everything and anything. You can’t please them even if you give them your he@d.


Dear woman, it is important to be discerning while dealing with human beings.


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