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10 Possible Reasons Why Women Are Hurting In Relationships These Days


A lot of Nigerian women are hurting in relationships and marriages but they mask their hurts and unhappiness so well.


It is sad that some of these women who are in relationships with men who hurt and disrespect them have given up hope about enjoying loving and beautiful relationships.


I really don’t want to sound insensitive but in most of these cases, these women overlooked red flags that they should have paid attention to while dating these men.

They erroneously believe that these men will change after marriage. They believe they are more special than the other women these men treated badly in the past and expect to be treated differently.

The problem with this mindset is that men don’t change after marriage. Their bad behavior is amplified in marriage and this causes their women more hurts and heartbreaks.

While some women are hurting in relationships, others are enjoying beautiful relationships with good men who love them and treat them with respect.


Here are 10 possible reasons some Nigerian women may be hurting in their relationships:

1. Trusting men blindly and not doing due diligence by investigating the backgrounds of these men. They believe whatever these men tell them.


2. Refusing to set relationship standards and accepting bad treatment from men because they want to be in relationships.

3. Remaining attached to men who don’t love them or respect them. Some women see all the signs that a man is distant with them yet they refuse to let go.

4. Paying unnecessary attention to men who ignore them. If a man doesn’t want to be with you, forcing yourself into his life will bring you hurts and heartaches.

5. Putting men before themselves and their needs in their relationships. If you keep treating a man better than you treat yourself, you will hurt yourself in the long run.

6. Making time for men who believe that women are inferior beings and should be treated like doormats just to boost the male ego. Such men treat women badly.

7. Caring too much for men who don’t even care about you. Some women do the impossible to show the men in their lives they care about them while these men do nothing to make them feel loved or cared for.

8. Going into relationships with violent and abusive men with the mindset that they can change these men. Some women think they are special and these men won’t hurt them.

9. Dating and marrying manipulative men believing the decisions these men make for them are based on love. These women learn later that manipulation is not love.

10. Going into relationships with men who h@te the female gender but mask their h@tred well. Misogynists make terrible lovers and husbands.

So ladies, if you are hurting, you have to take charge of your life and happiness. If you don’t leave that man hurting you, you will end up losing yourself.


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