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“My boyfriend of six years who lives in my apartment proposed to me”


A young lady is confused about what to do after her boyfriend of six years refused to get his apartment while planning for their marriage.


The lady said he moved in with her, proposed to her but refused to get his own apartment. He even said if she keeps nagging him about getting an apartment, it means she’s not ready to get married.


Read her post below:

“I have been dating this guy for six years although we started from school, graduated and serve together.


I got a job and relocated to Port harcourt, rented and furnished an apartment with the savings I gathered from service.




After some weeks, he moved in with me so as to get a job. God so kind he got a job in Anambra state. He has no one there so I assisted him in renting an apartment in Anambra state, he worked for six months and relocated back to my house in Port harcourt.


We stayed together for months, my rent was due, I told him, he gave me 50k out of 150k that I’m suppose to pay, I added 100k to the 50k he gave me and I paid my rent.


While still living in my house he propose to me and I accepted. But I told him he has to get his own place, that we can’t get married and still be living in my house.


I took him to my parents to tell them that I’m engaged. He later told me that he would like to do the introduction this year ending but I kept telling him of getting his own apartment.


At a point, he said if I continue to talk about getting his own place that means I’m not ready for marriage.


The year is almost ending, no introduction. I don’t know what to do. Should I continue living with him in my house or tell him to leave?


We have been dating for six years now and my parents are complaining. Please I need your advice.”


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