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I need help to chase a lady away from my husband before she executes her plans

I need help to chase a lady away from my husband before she executes her plans

I need help and advice from the members of this group on how to chase this lady away from my husband before she executes her plans.

My husband of 16+ years of marriage met her online through a friend in late June this year and I discovered that my husband sent her money for bridal things within less than two weeks of their relationship and they haven’t met each other, except through phone and videos calls.

I cried out to friends and families that I don’t think this is ordinary when he asked me and my children to leave my matrimonial home.


My husband didn’t tell anyone about this relationship because his plan was to marry her before telling people. He doesn’t want anyone to discourage or to stop him.

I also discovered that my husband sent his friends in Nigeria to attend the family introduction on his behalf, within three weeks of their relationship.

I need help to chase a lady away from my husband before she executes her plans

As we live abroad, he couldn’t come home due to the pandemic and he couldn’t wait until he returns home due to the reasons known to him and this Hausa lady.

The most painful and saddest part of the issue is that my husband has refused to enroll our children in school for this coming session.

He claims he wants to save money for our relocation home next year and this same my husband is planning a master’s degree program abroad for this lady.

This is my true life story, my fellow women. In fact, they are planning to get married this month.

Please I need advice and plans to stop them before it’s too late. My husband and all our ascendants and descendants are Yoruba.”

This post was taken from Motherhood Instyle Magazine Facebook page.

Nigerian women go through a lot in their marriages. This is the height of disrespect. I hope she takes the best decision for her sanity and wellbeing of her children.

Her husband is an adult who knows right from wrong. She can’t do much if he refuses to let go of his side chick.

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