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Nigerian men’s reaction to Funke Akindele and JJ Skillz crashed marriage


Most Nigerian men are not sad that JJC Skillz marriage to Funke Akindele crashed, they are angry that she threw him out of the house. They are calling him a useless man.

Most of the comments I have read from men generally on this issue made me realize that to these men, two shall become one in marriage is a lie they use to deceive women.

They do their own things, get their own money, buy their own properties, make names for themselves while deceiving their wives that everything they work for is theirs too.

It is when the marriage crashes that these women eyes will open. Too bad that when you tell women to have a life while they are married, they will accuse you of trying to destroy their marriage.

The way most of these men kept going on and on about men having their own money and not living in women’s house on different social media posts is hilarious. It shows that these men make money just to use it to oppress women.

The same men who are saying that Funke Akindele’s marriage crashed because she was too independent and didn’t submit to her husband are the same people who are quick to ask women what they are bringing to the table in terms of relationships and marriages.

Most Nigerian men want women who will split bills with them while cooking, cleaning, washing and taking care of the children but they can’t stand women who are more successful than their husbands.

These men want submissive women with a touch of financial independence and the patience of Job so that no matter how they misbehave, these women will constantly put up with their misbehavior.


For once, it was a Nigerian woman who threw her husband out of their home in Nigeria and it was her husband who came to social media to cry and seek pity but his gender threw him to the wolves instead.

These men are using the opportunity of the couple’s separation to advise men not to marry women who are richer than them because these women won’t be submissive. Lol.


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